Canyon of Alepochori

The canyon is located in the area Aigousousse in Alepochori and is ideal for those who want to experience their first time in a dry canyon.
It is suitable for beginners but also for more experienced people who want to live a unique experience.
It has only 14 technical descents using a rope, the largest of which reaches 25 meters and the rest is no more than 9 meters. This experience that you and your company will live will be unforgettable.
Departure-Hike to the entrance of the canyon,
Arrive and start descending
Preparation – training: 30min
Start activity
Number of Rappel races: 14
Maximum descent: 25 meters
Length: 750m
Preparation – training: 30min
Access time to entrance: 60min
Crossing time: 4 hours
Access time to exit: 5min
TIPS: Shoes suitable for walking on uneven ground and protect the ankle. Water at least 2 liters, and snacks for the duration of the activity. Second pair Shoes, socks after leaving the canyon, second t-shirt.

Whats Included

It includes the following:
- Escort from certified and experienced Drivers - Drivers
- Provide all the necessary equipment belt, helmet, backpack)
- Group security and rescue equipment
- Individual accident insurance
- Water, snacks

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment


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