One Day Buggy Safari

40 klm. 90% offroad 10% on road

Gerania Mountain offers an exclusive route through canyons, caves and magnificent landscapes

A completely different experience awaits you....

All tours starts from Loutraki

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Mystery tour 2.5 hours

Whats Included

  • pick-up from your hotel if you stay in Loutraki
  • Buggy Tour (Mystery Tour)

In all our tours (routes) we include fuel for the buggy,equipment (helmet, gloves etc..),technical support, stations with water, sandwiches and fruits.

Tour Type


Mystery tour 2.5 hours

Geraneia Mountain
Price per person from 80
Live the experience and spend an unforgettable 2,5 hours in Loutraki.   Mystery Tour. 40km 90% More info