Shaolin Rou Quan

Qi in Chinese language is the vital energy that circulates in the body.

Gong means work or cultivation. The following Qigong means cultivation of the energy of the body.
It is a form of mild exercise consisting of breathing techniques and gentle or dynamic movements that are repeated many times. Qigong's practice is used to cleanse, strengthen, and enhance the circulation of our vital energy in body and mind, but also to improve and maintain health.
The practice of Qigong therapist helps to manage anxiety, anger, depression, misconceptions, and general confusion that tortures our mind when our energy is not balanced. And it includes both dynamic and gentle techniques that can be practiced either by the standing position or by the seated or supine body, which is suitable for all ages.
In our seminar we will deal with two types of therapeutic qigong that can strengthen the human body with controlled breath so that qi can circulate in the blood vessels and activate the arteries and veins in the human body. These types of Qigong are included in: bā duàn jǐn, yì jīn jīng.