Fay Thimis


Yoga Teacher – Play therapist – Integrative Counselor/Therapist – Tr. Supervisor


Every event is a real challenge but also a unique experience of enjoyment and luxury.


I was first introduced to yoga while I was studying and living in Cardiff. While I was there I studied a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Lifespan Psychology. I have been working as an Integrative Humanistic Counselor since I started my training in 2007 in Cardiff.


Luckily enough I began to work as a Play Therapist with adopted and fostered children at the same time, as a trainee play therapist. When I returned to Greece I opened my own private practice and I work with many adults and children within a diverse background.


During my return to Greece and my hometown it was difficult to find a yoga studio to suit my needs. So in 2012 I decided I wanted to develop my own yoga practice and took part in a teacher training. For the duration of the training I could not help but think how yoga would benefit my clients. I have been teaching (alignment) Hatha Yoga since then and bringing mindful activities to all my adult and children clients within the therapeutic environment.


My aspiration is to offer you the combination of creative therapeutic techniques within the yoga practice. Practices that will help you make sense of situations. Setting aside-accepting your fears, letting your imagination, dreams and images help you learn about yourself.