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Our Huge World

The "ESC" project was created by our need to show people that the World is infinite.
Throughout our experiences, we've learned that curiosity easily can be a target.
The idea can be a pursuit and the fear for the unknown a pleasant surprise.
All great challenges indeed.So we stand here, together to put your travels on fire.
And the words as difference, curiosity, distance will get another meaning to you.


  The "ESC"  brings you infos based on your Personality & Interest, allowing you to spend more time Experiencing...



Explore Seek Challenge “66° NORTH”

From the moment you step foot on the island you immediately see a different world, a different continent. Volcanos created breathtaking landscapes million years ago, which will not let you down.
A place where fire and ice co-exist.Where dark winters are offset by the summer’s midnight sun. A country where its insular existence has spurred a rich and vibrant culture.
Green valleys falling from high mountains down to the shoreland somewhere between waterfalls,lakes,rivers and mighty volcanos.
While you are in a fairy tale story,all of a sudden black solid roads appear and drive you to black sanded beaches, alike Mars or Moon. The scenery has changed again…

We did it ,we loved it and its your turn to live it.

Are you ready to "fly"??

Iceland 14 days

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ESC Iceland: 7 days

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Coming Soon


ESC Campuchea: 14 days

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ESC Campuchea: 7 days

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