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Alloy Travel provides the facility of booking airline tickets for Greek flights as well as abroad.

Our experienced staff can help you in selecting the correct flight combination with the best prices according your needs.

A change or cancellation of a flight may incur loss of money and problems if you do not have the right booking advisor to help you. Our office will help you to resolve your problem immediately.

We co-operate with all the airlines and this gives us access to a wide range of airlines.

Some of our partner companies ...

Allou Travel has co-operated with almost all the companies that offer boat and ferry tickets for Greece and abroad.

We can issue tickets for Greece, linking the mainland to all the islands as well as abroad linking Greece to the largest ports in Europe.

Some of our partner companies ...

Allou Travel can find the right accommodation for you

If your looking for a weekend break, a holiday location or a long term break, we can find the right appartment, house, villa or resort just for you.

We have over 500,000 local & worldwide hotels with special rates that we have secured so we can provide you with right stay.

Travelling around Greece is the best way to visit many of the amazing sights and what better way is by car.

We have many different categories and sizes of cars to provide you with the right choice, throughout our selected partner network, we can cover your needs in Greece, we can even arrange car rentals in Europe.

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